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Who am I ?

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I'm Swedish but live in France since 1994. I'm married to Vincent, a great guy with a lot of patience. We have two lovely daughters Felicia and Anna, who are teenagers now. We live in Brittany in a beautiful area close to the sea. Our land is big enough to cohabit with 2 goats, 2 sheep, 2 hens, 2 cats, many fishes, and a dog.


My origins


I didn't grow up in Africa on the back of a Lion but in Sweden in the city, (so sorry to disappoint you :-).


I was a very sensitive little girl with loads of empathy for all and everyone. Appreciated by many but often misunderstood, except from the animals. That's also why I felt so close to them.

I did talk to them already but I didn't know I could hear them.








Our only animal was a cat, Mirre, when he crossed over only 3 years old. I felt devastated. It took some time before my parents decided to adopt another cat. I was 8 years old when I got my own cat Pricken. was in heaven, every night I could hear Pricken's steps up the stairs and feel her weight as she jumped up in my bed. She spends the whole night with me. As I was quite anxious at night, her presence was so appreciated. Only two years later Pricken got frightened by a dog, she ran and ran and couldn't find her way back home. This was a nightmare, not knowing what happened to her. We were searching for her everywhere for weeks but in vain. This time it was impossible for me to adopt another cat. I even got angry when my mom suggested it. What if she came back, she wouldn't like to find another cat in her home. Two weeks after her disappearing I heard her steps up the stairs and felt her jumping up in my bed. I sat up delighted, yay! she's back, but my disappointment was huge as I realized that my bed was empty, she wasn't there. I fell asleep with a heavy heart so sad and disappointed. If only I'd known then what I know now. Her spirit came to visit me, to comfort me, but for me, it was only my brain playing tricks on me. This was my first contact with the spiritual world even though I didn't realize it then, I was 10 years old.

​Horses, my passion

Luckily I was and still am a "horse girl" as my parents called me. Even though I didn't have my own horse I spent all my spare time at the riding club. I realized early the incredible impact animals had on me. As a teenager, I was always amazed how contact with a horse could immediately calm me down. After a stressful day or if I've argued with my parents, I went to the stable and a.s.a. I touched my favorite horse it all disappeared like magic.


France my heartland

19 years old I left Sweden for France. I wanted to learn french and see the world.

It didn't take me long before I found my husband and a riding stable. I studied international commerce, found a job, and here I am 27 years later. OMG time flies so fast.


​What brought me to animal communication?

Three years ago, I saw a documentary about Anna Breytenbach. A South African animal communicator. It blew my mind away and I got obsessed with the idea to learn this myself.

This is the first time in my life I understood the meaning of "being driven". It wasn't easy from the start. I've been so far from this "topic", working for 20 years with international commerce. But something within me pushed me to continue.

My animals all conspired to find me the right teacher. That's when Danielle Mackinnon entered my life, that was a life-changing experience.

One year later it all seemed obvious that this is where I belong.


I am what people call "chatty". ​I've always felt that communication is KEY to a good relationship. Whether it's with friends, teachers, parents, children, animals, or within a couple. Without communication, there's so much ignorance and misunderstanding.

Communicating through telepathy is so much more than words.

It's the most complete language that covers everything and all different languages.

The most fantastic thing about telepathy is that we all have the skill. We are born with it, but unfortunately, we learn not to use it as we grow up.





On my journey towards animal communication, I realized that everything is energy. I took a course where I learned how to feel my own and other's energy with my bare hands. This was all new to me and somehow so familiar. It felt natural and so useful. I learned how to feel if different kinds of food, clothes, colors, persons gave me energy or drained my energy. I wanted to learn more. That's why I decided to take Reiki classes and I don't regret it.

The energy's intelligence to go where it's needed on every level is Magic, and very Powerful.


My pets all pushes me to continue both with animal communication and energy healing. They all love it and encourage me for every step I take in the right direction.

​They have been and still are incredible teachers in my everyday life. They never stop surprising me. They've learned me so much these past years. They help me see life from a different angle. Their wisdom helps me grow day by day and I'm so grateful to them all. It's like sharing your life with the best therapist ever.


My mission is to help you live the same awesome experience with your animal.

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