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Soul Level Intuitive coaching ®

Looking for some clarity?


How it works?

This is a deep connection where my guides and I will help you understand repeated patterns in your life. You'll learn why and how they appeared and see how they are holding you back.

We are all carrying negative beliefs that make us behave in a certain way. This is the solution we find to protect ourselves from painful experiences. Working with the guides is a wonderful and safe way to evolve. Your guides always know where you are and where you are heading. They will gently lead you through the sessions at your own pace, for your highest and greatest good.

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According to the negative beliefs you are holding, these are some of the benefits you'll get:

Learn to stand up for yourself, set healthy boundaries, and find balance in your relationships.

At the end of these sessions, you will have the tools to continue your exploration on your own. This is also a beautiful opportunity to deepen the connection with your guides.

You will learn how to shine your unique expression of light without feeling drained. It's time to embody your true, authentic self.




I was coached by KARIN for several months, for moments of guided introspection and connection with my guides. Each exchange taught me a little more about myself, allowed me to evolve, to find answers. KARIN knew how to put me at ease from the beginning, without judgment, in confidence. Many things were unblocked very quickly in my life, thanks to the power of KARIN's transmissions. Today I know myself better, and especially I let go. I feel much lighter and free, and I trust the universe. Thank you 🙏 For all these moments of sharing and kindness, I recommend KARIN for all people who wish to find answers, or simply evolve in their life.


J’ai été accompagnée par KARIN pendant plusieurs mois, pour des moments d’introspection guidéé et de connexion avec mes guides. Chaque échange ma appris un peu plus sur moi-même, m’a permis d’évoluer, de trouver des réponses. KARIN a su me mettre a l’aise dès le début, sans jugement, dans la confiance. Beaucoup de choses se sont débloquées très vite dans ma vie, grâce a la puissance des transmissions de KARIN. Aujourd’hui je me connais mieux, et surtout je lâche prise. Je me sens beaucoup plus légère et libre, et j’ai confiance en l’univers. Merci 🙏 Pour tout ces moments de partage et de bienveillance, je recommande KARIN pour tous les personnes qui souhaitent trouver des réponses, ou simplement évoluer dans leur vie.


Sandra Cussonneau

Une expérience exceptionnelle que ce coaching avec Karin. A l’aide de ses guides, elle vient mettre le doigt sur ce qui nous bloque dans notre vie. Une méthode simple et efficace puisqu’au terme des 6 séances, beaucoup de choses ont déjà changé pour moi. Les prises de consciences ayant été nombreuses, je ne doute pas que cela se poursuive. Un grand merci à Karin pour son professionnalisme, la bienveillance et sa bonne humeur.

Coaching with Karin is an exceptional experience. With the help of her guides, she puts her finger on what is blocking us in our lives. A simple and effective method, since after 6 sessions, many things have already changed for me. The awarenesses having been numerous, I do not doubt that it will continue. A big thank you to Karin for her professionalism, her kindness and her good mood.

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